IceCOLD® is used in most types of commercial HVAC and refrigeration systems, the only exceptions are Centrifugal systems (oil-less or magnetic systems) and those with flooded evaporators or coalescing oil filters. IceCOLD® is compatible with all commonly used refrigerants, R 134A, R22, R410A, R407A, R1000, etc, including the legacy refrigerants R12 and R22. The only exceptions are R123 & R11. IceCOLD® has been proven to reduce the energy consumption of Chillers, DX units, Split systems, RTUs and CRAC units by averages of 18-26%. Refrigeration systems used in Restaurants, Supermarkets and convenience stores for icemakers, walk-in refrigerators / freezers, salad bars, food preparation tables, refrigerated display cases and reach in coolers / dairy cases, all benefit by using IceCOLD®.

Office Buildings:

Office buildings equipped with RTUs or chillers average 18%-24% savings of KWH and an equal reduction of carbon emissions / GHG.

Computer Room / Data Centers:

IceCOLD® was awarded a Green Enterprise IT Award (GEIT) for its performance in a New Jersey data center, by the Uptime Institute in 2012. IceCOLD® was able to reduce the data center’s KWH annual usage by $922,000, and the center received Payback in only 6 months.

IceCOLD® reduced the delivered air temperature 5°, increased the efficiency by 26% and reduced the cycle times by 22.5%, all of which helped reduce the energy use and carbon footprint for the facility. The heat loads in data rooms requires CRAC systems to operate year round. The ambient temperatures have little to no effect on the demand for cooling, since the heat loads are the same. CRAC units are some of the most mission critical equipment that ensures the servers or switching equipment operates in a stable environment.


IceCOLD® is being used in restaurants all over the world. IceCOLD® is installed in the HVAC systems and all of the refrigeration systems, walk-in refrigerators / freezers, food preparation tables, icemakers and reach-in refrigerators with great success.

McDonalds Australia installed IceCOLD® in a group of seven (7) restaurants as a part of a two (2) year test. IceCOLD® was installed in the HVAC systems and all refrigeration circuits. IceCOLD® reduced the KWH cost by an average of $800 per month per location. McDonalds included IceCOLD® as one of the “Global Best of Green” products in 2012.

IceCOLD® has been used in Kansas over the last five (5) years. IceCOLD® has delivered a reduction that averages 20-24% of the total KWH for the restaurants. One of the major problems that occur in restaurants is maintaining temperature in the salad bars. Salad bars are normally the first item that health inspectors check as they are the easiest access. Off temperature violations result in the restaurant dumping the product and restocking after the unit can operate at acceptable temperatures. The Salad bar in a Pizza Hut Wing Street was the reason IceCOLD® was initially tested. The Salad bar in the Pizza Hut had a number of “Off Temperature” violations. Since IceCOLD® was installed they have not had a “Off Temperature” violation (references available).

Other restaurants, such as Golden Corral and Dickey’s Barbeque, have also installed IceCOLD® and are enjoying lower utility cost, quieter operation and longer equipment life with less maintenance.

Supermarkets / Convenience Stores:

HVAC and Refrigeration systems use 58-64% of the total energy cost. Installing IceCOLD® can reduce the total KWH usage by 12-18% in a typical facility. TESCO installed IceCOLD® which resulted in a 24% reduction in KWH.

OpenCor / SuperCor are operating unit of el Corte Ingles the largest retailer in Europe. Installed IceCOLD® and reduced KWH by an average of 22%. IceCOLD® was tested in the Frigus Bohn Factory Laboratory in a new multi-door Heatcraft refrigerated case, with back stock, typical of units used in convenience stores, drug stores and smaller mini-markets. IceCOLD® reduced the energy used by 28%.

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