IceCOLD® is effective in all types of mobile refrigeration units. IceCOLD® installations in ThermoKing, Carrier Transit Cold units are proven to reduce diesel fuel usage by 24-28%. (tests results available)

IceCOLD® is being installed in Coaches, Tourism Buses, Automobiles, large fleet operators where it shown to reduce the vent air temperatures 6-12°, reduce maintenance and have a slight increase the MPG. In individual applications the fuel mileage increase is small, but IceCOLD®’s impact to large fleet operators represents a large reduction in annual fuel / operating cost and carbon / GHG footprint.

Mobile AC systems used in Metro Transportation units as Urban Rail, intercity passenger rail cars use cooing units, typically manufactured by Merak, Siemens Mobility, IceCOLD® is proven to reduce the power requirement by 20-24%.

Mobile Refrigeration / Automotive

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