Green Ice Technology is a Distributor of IceCOLD®, a revolutionary breakthrough synthetic catalyst technology that enables Heat Pumps / HVAC / Refrigeration systems to operate more efficiently. IceCOLD® has been proven to save its customers an average of 20+% on energy cost by reducing KWH consumption.

  • IceCOLD reduces energy costs and green house gas emissions
  • Warranty backed by a $12,000,000 insurance policy
  • Average payback is less than 12 months

IceCOLD® enables HVAC / refrigeration systems to reach the temperature set point faster by delivering cooler air. Shorter cycle times use less electricity / KWH resulting in lower utility bills and a reduction in carbon footprint. A 20% reduction in the compressor cycle time will lower maintenance costs and extend the life of the equipment. Installing IceCOLD® does not void manufacturer’s warranty.*

*The Federal Trade Commission Magnuson-Moss Act (Equipment Warrantee) 15USC ss230, January 1, 1997; 61 FR 69366, states that a manufacturer cannot void or refuse to honor their equipment warranty because a non-OEM second party / aftermarket component or supply is installed in or with their equipment.

Green Ice Technology has a nation-wide network of Certified Licensed HVAC Professionals trained to install IceCOLD®. In addition to the United States, Green Ice Technology has a growing global network of distributors.

IceCOLD® is now being installed in 28 different countries
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IceCOLD is approved by the United States Department of General Administration Services for use in all U.S. Government owned and operated facilities, including the U.S. Department of Defense as an energy saving, Green House Gas reducing product.

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